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Buying Most Affordable OSHC Policies in Australia

Ever wondered how great it would feel if you could get OSHC at a price that is much lower than the market price? Yes, it is very much possible. Read on to know more!


Any and every international student entering Australia needs an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy. Failure to have a valid health insurance breaches their visa condition, which may even lead to cancellation of visa, and even deportation. As it is one of the mandates by the Australian government, all the international students make sure they have a valid OSHC during the entirety of their stay in Australia.


As we all know, health insurance is an expense you can’t get away with, and it is expensive. For a student who is in a foreign land trying to make ends meet, buying a health insurance can be a tough deal, but despite anything, one has to buy it.


We have come across international students who tend to buy health insurance without comparing the policy’s prices, features, etc. They just end up buying the policy because they need it the most at that point in time. Most students realize they have to renew their policy only when it is about to expire, which gives them very less time to compare prices and features of different OSHC policies available in the market.


As mentioned above, we can help the international students buy OSHC at a price way less than that the market price. Yes! At Budget Policy, we offer all kinds of OSHC from wide variety of providers. It is one-of-a-kind portal that allows you to compare all the policies’ prices and features at one place. Once you enter your requirement, the portal will showcase OSHCs valid for your visa conditions. All you need to do is choose the one that suits you the best, and simply buy it. You’ll get the policy cover letter in your inbox within 24 working hours of your purchase. Isn’t it easy!


In fact, Budget Policy provides discount of up to 47% on certain health insurance policies. It offers discounts on OSHC for singles, couples and even family. Budget Policy has made purchasing OSHC much easier and affordable. Even if your health insurance is expiring the same day, Budget Policy will make sure you do not end up breaching your visa condition due to expired OSHC.


The portal is backed by great customer support to help you choose the best policy and also has a grievance redressal team that provides support to resolve problems, if any.


So next time you wish to save huge on your OSHC, you know where to buy from!


Help to Choose Start Date ()

Start Date
  • For offshore students, policy start date must be at least 8 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE START DATE.
  • If you are switching from another OSHC provider, choose the start date as very next day of previous OSHC expiry date. In order to keep your visa valid, you must be covered for OSHC continuously without any gap.

Help to Choose End Date ()

End Date
  • Insurance policy end date must be at least 2 MONTHS after the COE END DATE.
  • If the course is ending in November or December, choose OSHC end date as 15TH MARCH OF the next year.