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Help to Choose Start Date ()

Start Date
  • For offshore students, policy start date must be at least 8 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE START DATE.
  • If you are switching from another OSHC provider, choose the start date as very next day of previous OSHC expiry date. In order to keep your visa valid, you must be covered for OSHC continuously without any gap.

Help to Choose End Date ()

End Date
  • Insurance policy end date must be at least 2 MONTHS after the COE END DATE.
  • If the course is ending in November or December, choose OSHC end date as 15TH MARCH OF the next year.

About Medibank OVHC & OSHC Health Insurance

With more than 3.7 million customers across Australia, Medibank is one of the largest Australian private health insurance providers. The company deals in all kinds of insurance covers for OSHC, OVHC, health, travel, pet, life, and even funeral.

With over 45 years of operations, Medibank is committed in delivering better health to Australians. Additionally, Medibank offers wide range of health services, including but not limited to primary health care and mental health support around the clock.

Top Features of Medibank OSHC & OVHC

Wide Range of Policies

Medibank OSHC (Overseas student health cover) and OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover) also provides services like mental health support, primary care and after-hours health support.

Additional Complementary Services

In addition to its core business of health insurance, the company offers complementary services that includes including life, pet and travel insurance, and telephone health lines.

Tailored Products and Services

The company offers tailored products and services, including OSHC and OVHC for singles, couples, families, professionals, etc.

Top Features of Medibank OSHC & OVHC

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