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Important Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy

A valid health insurance policy is a must-have when it comes to being anywhere; however, despite knowing quite a bit about buying insurance, most of the people tend to do many wrong. As they say, insurance is a necessary evil; it’s the expense that one has to pay to avoid paying heavily in any adverse situation.

As insurance is extremely important and counts to one of the major expenses, one must keep a few points in mind when buying a new online health insurance policy. Here are some of the points that one must consider when buying or switching to a new health insurance policy.

Buy the Insurance Policy that is Right for You

There are different kinds of insurance policies available in the market; you got to choose the one that is right for you. Your insurance policy should be compliant and cover you (and family members) fully.

Like there are health insurance policies for short travels, particular visas, long stays, students, visitors, etc.; you got to buy the insurance policy that suits you. Know the product you are buying!

Compare the Policies & Prices

Health insurance is an industry with cut-throat competition. Just do a basic internet research and you’ll be able to find unbelievable differences in prices of health policies offered by different providers.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to compare the policies and their prices before you press that ‘Buy Now’ button!

Go Through the Fine Print

Every insurance comes with a fine print. Though it is not possible for everyone to go through all the fine print policies of the provider, it is still suggested to go through the important ones. A small point ignored can make a huge difference down the line, which may defeat the complete purpose of buying the health insurance policy.

In short, go through all the details thoroughly.

Buy/Renew Before Expiry

Unless you are switching to a new provider, it is suggested to auto-renew your health insurance policy. Also, you must renew the cover before it expires. Do not be dependent on reminder calls from providers’ representatives; set a reminder in your calendar instead.


Help to Choose Start Date ()

Start Date
  • For offshore students, policy start date must be at least 8 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE START DATE.
  • If you are switching from another OSHC provider, choose the start date as very next day of previous OSHC expiry date. In order to keep your visa valid, you must be covered for OSHC continuously without any gap.

Help to Choose End Date ()

End Date
  • Insurance policy end date must be at least 2 MONTHS after the COE END DATE.
  • If the course is ending in November or December, choose OSHC end date as 15TH MARCH OF the next year.