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Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Overseas Visitor Health Cover

People visiting Australia on a visitor, work, travel or any visa other than a student visa must purchase the Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) policy before processing their visa applications as declared by the Australian Government.


The OVHC policy provides coverage from the hospital and medical expenses in case of getting injured, illness, mishap, etc., while staying in Australia. The primary benefits of OSHC are doctor visits, some hospital treatment, ambulance services, and pharmaceuticals.


Nevertheless, before buying the OVHC policy, many people do not look for other services and benefits given by the health insurance provider and plan to buy the cheap policy with fewer advantages. There are some mistakes people usually make when purchasing OVHC policy, only to regret later. To avoid facing those situations, contact us (Budget Policy); our experts assist thousands of people around the world in buying the best and most suitable policy according to themselves at a pocket-friendly amount.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


Given below are some of the most common mistakes to help the person choose or decide the ideal OVHC policy for themselves before applying for an Australian visa.


Caring for Money Over Coverage

Many people go for cheap coverage over quality but do not get much benefits from their policy and regret later. If one has an OVHC policy with them and buys any cheap cover that is not covering their general illness expenses, that can increase the person's financial expenses in Australia. So keep in mind, purchase the policy that will protect the person in Australia from unexpected financial risks.

Ignoring Exclusions

Before buying the policy from any insurer, try to read all the covers and exclusions written on the conditions and agreement; mainly, the OVHC policy does not cover the expenses of pre-existing illness. Talk to the insurer regarding a medical condition and then buy the policy.

Not Sharing Previous Medical History with Insurer

Be transparent with the insurer and share previous and present medical conditions or history. If someone does not share their medical need at the time of cover, the insurer can deny providing the claim. For instance, if one has an OVHC policy and may get admitted into an Australian hospital with some medical condition that is not covered under the OVHC policy, then they may face some consequences as the OVHC policy provider will not provide the claim for that particular medical condition.

Not Renewing the Policy in Time

While staying in Australia, if someone fails to renew their policy before the due date, they can face complications like visa rejection or cancellation and many other disadvantages. So, renew the OVHC policy before the due date. One can renew their policy online or offline.

Not Contact Other Insurers

While purchasing the OVHC, many people do not look for various options or covers by which they buy any policy without looking for its benefits or advantages, then regret it later. It is recommended that OVHC compare with different health insurance providers before purchasing, check for the benefits given by the various insurers, and then buy the policy.

Note: If one wants to transfer their policy from one insurer to another after purchasing the policy, they can transfer; but some insurers ask for extra charges and some do not so try to buy the policy wisely.


These common mistakes people usually ignore while purchasing, but they may put a big impact later.


Moreover, some countries are not required to purchase OVHC policy as the Australian Government's Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCAs) with the Governments of these countries: Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.




The information above will assist the person in choosing the most suitable OVHC policy according to their profile. Also, one can contact us for a better understanding of health insurance as we are associated with top health insurance providers worldwide. Get in touch with us for any information related to health coverage.


Help to Choose Start Date ()

Start Date
  • For offshore students, policy start date must be at least 8 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE START DATE.
  • If you are switching from another OSHC provider, choose the start date as very next day of previous OSHC expiry date. In order to keep your visa valid, you must be covered for OSHC continuously without any gap.

Help to Choose End Date ()

End Date
  • Insurance policy end date must be at least 2 MONTHS after the COE END DATE.
  • If the course is ending in November or December, choose OSHC end date as 15TH MARCH OF the next year.